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Robert Cenko


Robert Cenko is passionate about helping people find the right options for their healthcare.

As an experienced financial professional, Robert helps his clients determine what the right healthcare packages are for their needs post-retirement. Robert appreciates the importance of this decision, as the medical care one can receive can make a major difference on their quality of life. Thus, Robert takes this responsibility seriously, and he always maintains the mindset of the client’s needs before himself.


Robert Cenko does not only have a background in medical insurance, however. His career was originally based in finance, with a degree in Accounting and an Investment Specialist position with Northwestern Mutual. Robert was a standout in this field, and he worked hard to ensure his clients had their financial needs met. After 20+ years in this role, he eventually left Northwestern in order to venture out on his own.  Although he continues to grow and develop, Robert places much of his expertise on his time at Northwestern and running his own company, as both taught him important lessons that he can utilize for the remainder of his career.


While Robert Cenko spends much of his time working on healthcare planning with clients, he has many other responsibilities as well. In addition to healthcare, Robert also assists clients with preparing their finances for their retirement plans. He also hires and trains new employees, creates marketing plans for their products, and assists other team members with difficult or unique client situations. Robert enjoys working on both high-level company matters, as well as individual client cases, as each provides a different type of fulfillment for him.


When Robert Cenko is not at work, he spends much of his free time participating in community charity events. Robert is part of the Rotary Club, and he volunteers in many of their works, such as regular beach clean up events. Robert also has a knack for connecting different organizations within his network, leading to events and charitable efforts that are much greater than the sum of their parts. Robert loves to see his community flourish, and this is why he is so passionate about giving back. In the future, he hopes to further connect major community organizations in order to foster a culture of teamwork and support that can take San Diego charities to the next level.

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